Q. How much does a tuning cost?
A. As of 1/1/2022, my price for a STANDARD tuning is $125.00.
A STANDARD tuning is best described as a tuning only with no additional service(s) needed.

Other services such as adjusting pitch, replacing strings, repairing sticking or broken keys, repairing or replacing parts, pedals, voicing, regulation, etc. would all be priced accordingly in addition to the standard tuning price.

I accept checks, cash, all major credit cards, Venmo, Zelle, and Apple Pay.

Q. What if the piano hasn’t been tuned for a long time?
A. An instrument that doesn’t receive tunings at regular intervals will eventually lose some of the tension on the wires. This loss of tension causes the “pitch” of the piano to go low. In these cases, an additional pass through the piano is necessary to first re-establish the proper tension on the wires so the piano will be more readily able to hold a standard tuning. This process is called a “PITCH RAISE”.

Currently, the price of a pitch raise is 50.00.

Q. I have heard that whenever you move a piano, you need to get it tuned. Is this true and when should this be done?
A. When a piano is moved from one physical location to another, there is always some bouncing or vibration from the road, lifting it on or off a truck, etc. So this movement has a bearing on the stability of the tuning. So it is indeed a good idea to have the instrument tuned after a move.

As far as the question of when should it be done is concerned, it is a good idea to wait at least 2-3 weeks after the move to let the piano “settle in” to it’s new environment. Pianos are very susceptible to the environments that they live in. Changes from one environment to another can cause a piano to change the tension on the soundboard and other structural parts of the piano causing the piano to go out of tune. It is therefore wise to let the piano sit in its new environment to acclimate itself before tuning.

Q. How often should I have the piano tuned?
A. That is a very great, but very subjective question. The best answer that I ever found to that question was answered in a pamphlet distributed by the Kimball Piano Company a few years ago:

When asked, “How often should I tune my piano?” The answer given was “Whenever it needs it.”

The frequency of the tuning depends greatly on the individual using the instrument. Some people have very critical hearing and can notice the slightest variations in tuning. Others have little natural ability to hear when the instrument is greatly out of tune. So, thankfully, there are some guidelines…

The accepted tuning schedule that is touted by most manufacturers and professional technicians is 2 times per year. This schedule will keep most pianos functioning at a high level of performance for most players. This schedule will account for the atmospheric changes from season to season.
I recommend that a piano be tuned 2 times a year, but if not twice, then AT LEAST once a year as a minimum basis. I do not recommend tuning any less frequently than that.

If you want further information regarding this subject, you can search online for some good resources.

Q. When is the best time of year to get my piano tuned?
A. In Indiana? NEVER!! There is no “good time” to tune your piano.

I say that, of course, tongue in cheek. But unfortunately there is some truth to it.
With the weather roller coaster ride that Hoosiers get from day to day, pianos are constantly exposed to changes from Mother Nature. There have been many times throughout the year that people have gone from needing the furnace in the morning to needing the air conditioner running that afternoon and back again.

Changes in temperature and humidity greatly affect the tuning stability of any piano.

Therefore, I recommend that the greater key to success is not so much by the specific month on the calendar, but rather that the piano be tuned at regular intervals.

Q. How long does it usually take to get an appointment?
A. It varies greatly from week to week. Sometimes I can get out within a day. Other times, depending on that geographic area on any given day, it could take up to 1-2 weeks.

Q. What days and times do you schedule appointments?
A. I schedule appointments between 9:00AM to 5:00 PM during the week. This, of course, is somewhat flexible depending on specific needs of the customer.

Q. Do you schedule appointments on nights or the weekend?
A. I try to schedule appointments during the weekdays whenever possible. However, there are situations that require an appointment on the weekend. I reserve an occasional Saturday to meet those scheduling needs.
I generally do not schedule appointments on Sundays.

Q. How long does the average appointment take?
A. The normal standard tuning appointment takes approximately 1 hour.

Q. What payment options are available?
A. Currently, I accept cash and checks, major credit cards Apple Pay and Android Pay.

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